Your local Harrogate based company for Plasma, LED and LCD TV repairs.



We will only repair your TV if it is financially viable to do so, when repairs start to cost more than the replacement value it is then deemed uneconomical to repair.
All repair work is guaranteed, but the actual length of the guarantee depends on the work that has been completed and will be provided at time of collection.
Any repaired item not collected within 30 days of being repaired will be sold to defray expenses occurred.
As we work from home we are not always available so please confirm with us drop off and collection times.

For repair enquiries please either text, whatsapp, call, email or contact us through the website.

Most TV's are repairable and a repair is much cheaper than a new TV.

The most common repair is backlight failure and we would replace the entire set of lights with brand new rather than just the failed ones as this is a more cost effective repair, and longer lasting. We also adjust power ouputs to prolong the life of the replacement lights

If you are looking for replacement parts you can either use the search bar at the top of the page or browse through our products by using the product menu to search via category of product.

Please be sure to match part numbers and not just board numbers.