As IT and computers are continuously changing and evolving it is not possible to mention all of the services we offer here as these change as the technology and operating systems do so we have only listed some of the core services that we offer.

If there is something that you are looking to have done that we have not listed please email us an enquiry and we will get back to you, or even if it is listed and you would like some more details.

Board level repairs

Operating system upgrades

Hardware and software upgrades

Hardware and software configurations

Virus detection and removal (including SPAM and Adware)

Fault diagnostics and recommendations

Data transfers

Migration of systems

Data recovery

Backup configurations and strategies

Maintain general health of computers

Peripheral configurations and setups

Data cabling

Field services

PC repairs

Remote support

Windows support

Web and email hosting

Website design and hosting

This is to name some of the services. Contact us for bespoke solutions and we will advise as such.